Inspired as a young boy by the family research of his father, my uncle Gerrit Pieter (Gert) Lugtenborg began research on our ancestors and their descendants in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century. This resulted in a number of books devoted to the descendants, updated to 1985. These books appeared in 1986 and were snapped up in the family and various organisations..

Gert deceased in 2008 and has unfortunately be unable to see that his great work has been digitized, updated and published on the Internet.
Our mission is to continue its work and to preserve it for our progeny.
Without the immense work of Gert this family tree would never have been realized. A tribute to him.

In 1645 Pieter Cornelis was born, our far ancestor.
Pieter was a farmer at 'Luchtenborg", in those years in the village Bellingeweer, where his descendants resided until 1996.
During the French period Pieter Pieters adopted the name Lugtenborg, the stately farmhouse proudly remained (until now) the name "Luchtenborg".

His descendants have established itself over the years in countries such as Canada, the United States of America, Australia and South Africa.

Until the late 19th century it was customary to seek a partner in the agricultural sector.
This has been shown by research on the occupations of our ancestors, almost all farmers.

In the begin of 1900 different professions appear in the family tree.
Over the years the families got together again, trough marriage, and so there are several double tribes.

Besides the descendants of Pieter Cornelis family trees of several related families are included.

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Jan Harm Lugtenborg


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